Acoustic Facemelt Celt-Rock with sauce on the side

Out of the dark, mysterious forests of central Minnesota come three penniless day-shift prisoners bearing the ultimate weapons of sonic annihilation, namely, the acoustic guitar, the cajon, and…the accordion. Ando, Lance, and Kasey grew up playing together in freezing cold garages, basements, living rooms, and military training facilities in various rock and pop bands and later moved to clubs, colleges, and bars all over Minnesota. These three scoundrels have been traveling, performing, flipping over their neighbors’ trampolines at midnight, and stealing candy from small children together since before Kasey’s first kiss – and now they proudly present: Battlelegs. Battlelegs grew out of the newfound love of Celtic music, and after trading in their huge guitar amps for acoustics, they’re still ready to rock. With a perfected blend of comedy, energy, memorable stories, shredding accordion licks, spoon solos, and mug-swinging sarcasm, Battlelegs is dressed to impress.

Don’t bother seeing them live if you have leg problems or a heart condition – your own dancing and clapping might kill you.


Battlelegs is not liable for socks lost due to rocking. Faces may melt without prior authorization.


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